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Luggage storage in Venice With Radical Storage

Have you just arrived in Venice by train or by plane? The enchanting city of canals is a destination that seamlessly blends timeless beauty with rich cultural heritage. However, navigating its narrow streets and iconic waterways can be a challenge when carrying heavy luggage. Radical Storage steps in to provide a seamless solution, offering convenient and secure luggage storage options throughout Venice, allowing you to explore the city unencumbered and fully embrace the essence of la dolce vita.

We have baggage storage spots all over Venice, in shops, offices, and even restaurants. You can use our app or website to check out the Venice map and choose the closest luggage storage near you.
Also, you won't queue up as check-in lasts a couple of minutes, and pick-up is immediate! Contrary to luggage lockers, with us, you will never have the anxiety of finding your locker blocked! Radical Storage is a network of vetted local companies spread worldwide. Some of our partners are open 24 hours.

If you're a romantic type, you'll find out what it feels like to take a gondola ride without the burden of your bags!

Where to leave luggage in Venice?

Venice, Italy, is a city like no other, a place where every corner tells a story, and every canal hides a secret. Exploring this enchanting city is a dream come true, but there's a little catch – the cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and countless bridges can be quite challenging with luggage in tow.

Instead of lugging your bags through the crowded streets and over countless bridges, you can conveniently store your belongings with Radical Storage. Our network of Angels, carefully chosen and tested for safety and reliability, offers secure luggage storage options conveniently located near major transport hubs and popular tourist spots. Every day hundreds of users leave their personal belongings with our partners to enjoy their Venice walking tour to the fullest!

Radical Storage has over 30 luggage storage locations in strategic places. For example, if you arrive by train from Florence to Venice, you can easily find luggage storage Venice train station facility or Meste station luggage storage option.  If you take a Venice Vaporetto (water bus), you can drop off your bags near Venice port. Otherwise, you can find a few luggage storage options near Piazzale Roma if you come by car or bus.

While crossing Venice canals, visiting Venice museums and strolling around its narrow streets and bridges, there are several places to store your bags near San Marco, Rialto Bridge and Cannaregio, one of the six historic sestieri of Venice. Our prime locations cater to various travel needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all visitors.

Luggage storage near Venice train stations

Many journeys around Venice and beyond start and end at its main transportation hubs. That's why we have numerous options nearby to leave your luggage and explore the area.

Luggage Storage Venice Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia train station is a primary railway hub in Venice, Italy and is famous for its close proximity to the Piazzale Roma bus terminal. Situated on the western bank of the Grand Canal, the magnificent railway station was constructed in the late 1800s and serves as an excellent starting point for exploring Venice.

Santa Lucia station offers a traditional luggage storage service situated on the station's lower level. It operates every day from 7 am to 11 pm and charges up to 10€ per bag/day.

Keep in mind that there are typically extended lines, particularly during peak times

If you want to avoid wasting time and energy, you can store your bags with Radical Storage and easily access nearby attractions like the Grand Canal and the historic center, without the burden of heavy luggage.

Luggage Storage Venice Mestre 

Venezia Mestre station serves as the primary railway station located on the mainland of Venice. You can take a high-speed train from this location to reach any city in Italy. The station serves as a point where local and regional trains stop, offering connections to various parts of Venice and nearby municipalities.

The traditional luggage storage facility is situated on the ground floor of the station and operates from 8.00 to 20.00 every day. The cost per piece of luggage remains at €10 for a day.

Radical Storage provides a more affordable service for storing luggage in Mestre with several options just outside the station.

How much does it cost to store luggage at Venice train station?

Radical Storage provides a cutting-edge, easy, and practical baggage storage option. It is a convenient and secure service for getting rid of your bags worry-free, without concerns about timing or costs.

For only €5 per item/day, you have the option to store a bag of any size or weight.

Luggage storage near Venice's main landmarks

In addition to major train stations, Radical Storage has convenient luggage storage locations near all the iconic landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods that make Venice a must-visit destination.

  • Luggage storage near St. Mark's Square: The heart of Venice, St. Mark's Square, is a must-visit attraction. With Radical Storage locations nearby, you can admire St. Mark's Basilica and the Campanile without the weight of your belongings.
  • Luggage storage near Rialto Bridge: The Rialto Bridge, one of Venice's most famous landmarks, offers stunning views of the Grand Canal. Store your bags with Radical Storage before exploring this iconic bridge and the bustling market nearby.
  • Luggage storage near Doge's Palace: Doge's Palace, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, is a top destination for any visitor. With Radical Storage, you can safely store your bags before delving into the palace's rich history.
  • Luggage storage in Cannaregio: Cannaregio, a charming neighborhood known for its lively atmosphere and local eateries, is a great area to explore. With Radical Storage locations in the area, you can immerse yourself in the local scene without the hassle of carrying your belongings.
  • Luggage storage in San Marco: The San Marco district, home to many of Venice's top attractions, is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. Store your bags with Radical Storage and explore this vibrant neighborhood hands-free.

Can you store luggage at Venice Airport?

When traveling through Venice, you might find yourself in need of convenient luggage storage at the airport. While the airports offer some traditional options, Radical Storage provides excellent alternative solutions that are often more affordable and flexible.

Luggage Storage Venice Marco Polo

Marco Polo Airport, located 13 kilometers north of Venice, is the main international airport serving the city. If you land at Marco Polo Airport, you can leave your bags and suitcases at the storage facilities available in various terminals for a daily rate that depends on the size of the luggage and storage duration. However, Radical Storage offers a more affordable option.

The Marco Polo Airport's luggage drop-off service is open daily and can be a good choice for tourists who are on a long layover and don't want to leave the airport to reach the city. However, Radical Storage provides greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness with its network of storage locations near the airport.

Why Choose Radical Storage for your luggage storage in Venice?

  • Strategic Locations: Our storage facilities are strategically located at key points throughout Venice, making it effortless to drop off your bags and explore the city unburdened.

  • Affordability: Our competitive fixed daily rate ensures that you won't break the bank while enjoying the freedom of exploring Venice without the weight of your luggage.

  • Security Guarantee: Each item you entrust to us is backed by a €3,000 security guarantee, ensuring that your belongings are in safe hands.

  • Free Cancellation: We understand that travel plans can be unpredictable. With our free cancellation policy, you can make changes to your reservation without any hassle.

  • Local Insights: Our network of luggage storage partners in Venice is deeply connected to the local community. They not only safeguard your bags but also provide valuable tips and recommendations, helping you discover the hidden gems and local delights of the city.

  • Swift Check-In: With Radical Storage, you can complete the check-in process in as little as three minutes, ensuring a hassle-free and time-efficient experience.

So, when you're in Venice, don't let your luggage hold you back from exploring the stunning architecture, winding canals, and romantic atmosphere that the city has to offer.

How to get around Venice

It may sound strange, but Venice has actually well-developed public transportation system that includes buses, water buses (vaporetti), and water taxis. The water buses are particularly unique to Venice and are a popular mode of transportation for both locals and tourists.
Here is some information about the different types of public transportation in Venice:

  • Vaporetti are the most common and affordable way of getting around Venice. They operate regularly and connect to different parts of the city and surrounding islands. You can purchase tickets at the ACTV ticket booths, vending machines, or on board.

  • Water Taxis are more expensive than water buses but offer a more customizable and comfortable experience. You can find them at water taxi stands or by calling a taxi company.

  • Buses connect the mainland part of Venice to other parts of Italy. Several bus companies operate in Venice, including ATVO, which provides service from Marco Polo airport to Piazzale Roma.

  • Trains connect Venice to major cities in Italy. VeniceSanta Luciais the main station in the city, located on the Grand Canal. Venice Meste train station is where most long-distance and international trains stop. 

Please note that many parts of Venice are only accessible by foot or water. So be prepared to do Venice free walking tour without the hassle of your luggage.

Things to do in Venice

Venice never loses the ability to enchant people and give them unforgettable moments. Whatever your passion is, this city will have something to offer you.

If you love photography, breathtaking views and beautiful people are just waiting for your eyes and your camera. If you are an artist and love to draw live, you will surely be impressed by the architecture of the city.

In short, Venice inspired artists from all over the world and, although overcrowded, it still retains its delicate appearance. Museums and modern art galleries are spread throughout the city, along with old buildings and beautiful churches. There are also many boutiques. Not to mention the restaurants, they are simply excellent!

Here are the must-do activities in Venice, Italy:

  • Take a Gondola Ride
    With over 150 canals, taking a gondola ride is a memorable way to experience Venice from a different perspective and hear fascinating stories from your gondolier.

  • Visit St. Mark's Basilica
    This famous church, located in iconic St. Mark's Square, has an ornate interior with detailed mosaics and a mix of Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture.

  • Take a Day Trip to Murano or Burano
    These two small islands near Venice are known for their glassmaking and lace-making traditions. They offer a chance to see a different side of Venice and its surrounding islands.

Top-rated stores in Venice

Travellers agree: these luggage storage locations are highly rated for location, security and speed

Luggage Storage Venezia Santa Lucia Station

Open 24/7
4.85 (517)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage St Lucia

Open 24/7
4.92 (197)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Giudecca Palanca

Open 24/7
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Venice San Polo

Open 24/7
5 (4)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Venezia San Marco

Open 24/7
4.71 (14)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Murano Venier Ferry Terminal

Open 24/7
5 (2)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Zattere Ferry Terminal

Open 24/7
5 (11)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Venice Bus Station

Open 24/7
4.63 (8)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Ca' Rezzonico

Open 24/7
5 (4)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage F.Te Nove Ferry Terminal

Open 24/7
4.96 (24)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Venice Piazzale Roma

Open 24/7
4.77 (52)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Ponte Delle Guglie

Open 24/7
4.5 (4)
/ bag / day
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Very friendly but difficult to find, go up the stairs to left of Amalfi Art. Believe it's marked as "Wood u like" on Google Maps.
Very easy to find, extremely friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
Everything was done flawlessly. I highly recommend.
Wszystko odbyło się bezbłędnie. Gorąco polecam.
Buen trato, buena atención. Muy agradecido
The owners of the restaurant are very attentive and speak Catalan, which demonstrates their linguistic mastery of the languages of the state.
Los dueños del local son muy atentos y hablan catalán, lo qual demuestra su dominio lingüístico de las lenguas del estado.
Really great, very welcoming and friendly staff, as I was running late, I was able to collect my suitcase a little later at no extra cost, accessible and fast customer service, and I was able to answer all my questions.
Vraiment super, prise en charge avec un personnel très accueillant et bienveillant, étant en retard, j’ai pu récupérer ma valise un peu plus tard sans frais supplémentaire, service client accessible et rapide et répondre
All good. Dropped off and picked up as expected. We were assured luggage would be kept securely but they were exactly where we left them at the back of the shop when we returned. Could have been better stored.
Fast, nice and save. You don’t need anything more :)
Easy to find and professional, in a small shop, it is OK!
Safe and reliable, a bit expensive but it is Europe, good service from the staff.
Seguro y confiable, algo caro pero en fin es Europa, buena atención del personal
Staff were really nice and very helpful
Perfect! Friendly staff convenient location. Booking experience of the storage was flawless
The location of the storage in Ostuni was perfect, right in the train station building. We combined with a cappucino at the start and a lunch at the end of the storage! Make sure you have the QR code of the storage booking ready. That greatly facilitates the process.
A solution that saved our day. All good from start to finish
Una soluzione che ci ha salvato la giornata. Tutto bene dall'inizio alla fine
They took our luggage at once. Total security, you can leave your luggage without any problem and pick it up at your convenience.
Nos cogieron las maletas al momento. Total seguridad, podéis dejar el equipaje sin problema y recogerlo cuando os vaya bien.
Really nice guy and everything was supersmooth.
Very easy to drop off, very easy to collect- everything was great
Easy to use and made the fact that we couldn't check in so early less of a mission. I accidentally booked the wrong location but was able to very easily correct it thanks to the chat support. Highly recommend, also well priced.
Great service and so easy to use. 3 minutes from Euston Station, a perfect location.
First experience and it was very practical and simple. Very warm welcome.
Première expérience et cela a été très pratique et simple. Très bon accueil.
Thousands of travelers book our luggage storage every day
Thousands of travelers book our luggage storage every day
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3 Mln+ Suitcases carefully stored
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100% Secure
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8000+ Bag guardians worldwide
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24/7 Instant support
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24/7 Instant support
24/7 instant support
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7 million bags stored
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8,000+ locations worldwide
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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, you can securely store your luggage in Venice with Radical Storage. Radical Storage offers convenient luggage storage options throughout the city, allowing you to explore Venice without the burden of carrying your bags.
Yes, you can find luggage storage options at Venezia Santa Lucia with Radical Storage. Radical Storage provides convenient storage facilities near the train station, allowing travelers to securely store their luggage while exploring Venice.
Yes, you can also find luggage storage options at Venezia Mestre with Radical Storage. Whether you're arriving or departing from Venezia Mestre, Radical Storage offers convenient storage facilities to accommodate your luggage needs.
The cost of storing luggage in Venice with Radical Storage is €5 per bag per day.
Yes, Venice Marco Polo Airport does have luggage storage facilities. However, for more convenient and affordable options, consider using Radical Storage facilities located nearby for a hassle-free luggage storage experience.