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Luggage Storage Szczecin

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20 PLN
20 PLN
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Area Plac Brama Portowa

160 meters from the Harbour Gate (Brama Portowa)
450 meters from General Władysław Anders Square

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Fully booked
Open 24/7

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All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform is covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

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A useful luggage storage in Szczecin

The only luggage storage options you may have seen are the lockers at train stations or airports, but have you ever heard of Radical? If you haven't, keep reading this post! We are a safe and cheap alternative to traditional offices and we are located in every corner of the city. You can find us inside local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, convenience stores, groceries and even bars!

An affordable price

Many people dream of their perfect vacation and spend a long time saving up money to make it real. We are aware of this so we made sure to offer a low-cost service, in fact, it is the price of a meal. Our deposits only cost 20zł a day per bag. We have no size or weight restrictions so you don't have to worry if your bag is a bit larger than usual. In addition, every piece of luggage you leave with us is covered by a €3000 guarantee.

Discover this unique corner of the world

Szczecin may not be a popular name across touristic brochures and articles, but it is a wonderful city that deserves attention! It is filled with museums and monuments that hold great historical value. You will fall in love with the Old Town (in Polish: Stare Miasto) thanks to its colorful and vibrant houses. You can also admire the Park Kasprowicza, an enormous green area where you find exotic trees and, in spring, bright crocus flowers.

Let's go on a historical tour

One thing you can expect is to be awe-struck by the vast history of this wonderful city. In fact, Szczecin has resisted many wars and you can learn all about them in the National Museum. One of the greatest buildings in the city is the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, a magnificent castle showcasing the best of Late Renaissance architecture. Tourists often visit the beautiful Szczecin Cathedral, filled with paintings and sculptures.