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Luggage Storage Strasbourg

Top Luggage Storage Location in Strasbourg


Luggage Storage Strasbourg Old Town

Open 24/7
Area Krutenau

400 meters from the Strasbourg Cathedral
350 meters from Palace Rohan

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Petite France

Area Petite France

In Petite France
300 meters from Square des Moulins

Fully booked

Luggage storage Strasbourg Bus Station

Area Train Station

350 meters from Strasbourg Bus Station
260 meters from Strasbourg Train Station

Fully booked
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Open 24/7

Fully booked
Open 24/7

Safe and guaranteed

All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform is covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

No other luggage storage spots available in this area

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Your Radical luggage storage in Strasbourg!

We believe that a relaxing journey can help you solve the most pressing problem of present times: stress. You think so too, right? You can't escape from stress, though, if it follows you in the shape of a heavy trolley or a huge backpack. Now you can say goodbye to the fearsome monster of our times by booking a baggage drop-off point and entrusting yourself to professional and friendly staff. Radical has been working for many years in many cities in France and now has arrived in Strasbourg!

What are the advantages?

Radical has many advantages, but the safety and the affordable price make it truly amazing. You really shouldn't worry about your valuables, because they will be in the hands of a professional team. Our price, as we said, is extremely convenient, € 5 a day per bag. It's also important to mention that every single piece of luggage stored is covered by a €3000 guarantee.

Explore La Petite-France without heavy bags

Many tourists love to explore this corner of France for its beautiful buildings and the magical atmosphere. Prestigious travel magazines and blogs confirm that this area is much appreciated by those who love Medieval culture and legends.
So don't miss the opportunity to take incredible pictures that will make the followers of your social pages surprised!

The majestic Cathedral of Strasbourg

If you are an art enthusiast and you love visiting sophisticated buildings, the Cathedral of Strasbourg is the right place for you! Did you know that it was once the highest building in the world? Now it sits in fourth place but it still maintains its beauty. It is a fine example of Gothic style and it's famous for its astronomical clock. Right next to the Cathedral you can find another wonderful attraction, which is the Rohan Palace (in French: Palais Rohan).