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Luggage Storage Stockholm

Top Luggage Storage Location in Stockholm

Area Medieval Museum

350 meters from Medieval Museum
450 meters from Royal Palace (Kungliga slottet)

Fully booked
Area Rådhuset

650 meters from Rådhuset Metro Station
550 meters from Kronobergsparken

Fully booked
Area Västerlånggatan

On Västerlånggatan
220 meters from Nobel Museum

Fully booked
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Open 24/7

Fully booked
Open 24/7

Safe and guaranteed

All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform is covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

No other luggage storage spots available in this area

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Do you need luggage storage in Stockholm?

Radical will make your travels easier thanks to its worldwide network. You can also reach our luggage storage in Stockholm at the incredible price of €5 per day.
You may find this rate too competitive, but you can trust Radical. Before choosing our partner companies, our experts carefully check all candidates. To become an Angel -as we call our partners-, you need to be professional, precise and have a great sense of responsibility.
Only the best companies, therefore, are added to the list of Radical's Angels.

Luggage storage at the Central Station and well connected to the airport

We want to show you a list of Angels that can be useful if you want to explore Stockholm empty-handed!
We have trustworthy partners near the Railway Station, the Royal Palace, and also the Slussen Station. Getting rid of suitcases is simple and requires only 3 steps: 1) Choose your favorite Angel; 2) Make your reservation online; 3) Reach the Angel in a few minutes. Pick-up is immediate.

An unforgettable holiday

Are you in Stockholm just for a weekend? Don't panic, you can organize your days to get the most out of your quick escape! Are you going to stay in Sweden for a week or more? Unforgettable days await you!
Stockholm is one of the most fashionable cities in Northern Europe. This Mecca of design boasts dozens of enchanting green areas. Although it has cold winters, you'll find a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Swedes are known to be a hospitable and peaceful population. The city is also ideal if you like to eat fresh fish and cheese!

A design Mecca

How many times have you heard about the Nordic furnishing style? Well, that's where it was born. In the city, you'll find charming design shops, where you can see the most fashionable furnishings and decorations. The essential, colorful and minimalist style blends with a love of nature. Light, warm colors, combined with exotic ornamental plants characterize Swedish interior design. If you love shopping, we're sure you'll get lost in the shops in the city center!