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Luggage Storage N Seoul Tower

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Luggage Storage Myeong Dong Night Market

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Luggage Storage Myeongdong Subway Station

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Luggage Storage Myeongdong Cathedral

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Luggage storage in N Seoul Tower With Radical Storage

There is a lot to explore in the lively city of Seoul, like the stunning N Seoul Tower. So, when you go there, don’t let your heavy suitcases hold you back. Drop off your bags at one of the partner locations for luggage storage N Seoul Tower offered by Radical Storage and start exploring.

The booking process for Radical Storage services is very simple and convenient. All you have to do is download the app or browse through our website to find the nearest partner location. Once you find the ideal location, just pay a small amount of 7000 KRW per bag per day, and let us take care of your stuff without any size or dimension limitations.

About N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is an incredible landmark and a serene viewing point in Seoul, which is located on the Namsan Mountain in central Seoul. From the name of the mountain, the N Seoul Tower Korea is also recognized as Namsan Tower.

The tower was originally made for broadcasting and transmission purposes in 1971, but over the decades, it turned into an iconic tourist destination in South Korea. It is a famous destination for couples as they climb up to the tower for a romantic experience and to capture the panoramic views of the vibrant city through the tower observatory.

From the Seoul train station, there is no direct line for the Namsan Tower, but you can hop onto the connecting blue line to Myeongdong station via subway and then take a cable car from there. The N Seoul Tower opening hours are 10 am to 11 pm, but they keep changing, so it’s best to check their website before your trip. It is also really easy to reach from the Seoul Central Station.

Do you want to book a luggage storage near the N Seoul Tower? Try Radical Storage

It’s been a couple of days and you’re enjoying as much as you can your trip to Seoul by exploring all the most important landmarks that you might encounter. However, before getting out to the outskirts of the city and enjoy some nature, you want to explore the wonderful N Seoul Tower. First, however, you might need to find a secure spot where you can leave your luggage, so that you can have fun on the tower stress-free.

Luckily, Radical Storage can offer you many luggage storage options nearby the N Seoul Tower, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your belongings, while you’re out on the hunt for things to do in the city. In order to find the perfect luggage storage for you in Seoul, you may only need to log into our user-friendly app or even our website and the game is done.

On the website, you’ll be able to check out our interactive maps and, through a GPS device, you’ll look up your current location or the place that you find more comfortable. In a moment, you will get a list of all the Angels, as we like to call our business partners, that might be close to your location and you could book them almost immediately. Find out all the local business ventures, such as restaurants, shops and other businesses, and get a safe and convenient spot all for you.

Reasons why you should use Radical Storage to store your luggage in Seoul

Before choosing the right spot for storing your luggage storage near N Seoul Tower, you might need to look up the reasons why Radical Storage is the best luggage storage provider in the surrounding area, so you will be sure of your choice:

Free Cancellation: You will be able to cancel your booking for free whenever you want, so if there is any issue with your trip, you can absolutely cancel and fix it.

Security coverage: For your peace of mind, with a small fee, we also offer a convenient guarantee of more than 3000 euros, so you won’t ever have to worry about your luggage.

Fast Check-in: Are you worried about spending all your time in long queues, waiting for the check-in of your luggage? With Radical Storage, everything will be done in less than 3 minutes.

Affordable prices: As soon as you read about luggage storage options, you might think about the big prices that some companies may offer, but with Radical Storage everything will be less than 7000 KWN.

Extensive coverage: If you book one of our luggage storage, you won’t have to carry around your luggage around, looking for the luggage storage, since we have a pretty big net of Angels, covering the entire city.

What should I do after booking my luggage storage in Seoul

If you find that you need to stow more bags than you thought, use our app to add extra luggage ahead of time.

Check out the area: Examine the precise address in your confirmation email so you can locate the storage facility quickly.

Verify the hours of operation: Learn the operation hours of the storage facility so you can plan your visit to minimise any issues.

Be prepared: Keep your booking confirmation handy so you can check in to the storage facility quickly and easily.

Specific requests should be communicated: If you have any specific requests or requirements, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service or the staff at the storage facility. Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities.

How to reach Incheon Airport from N Seoul Tower

To reach Incheon Airport from N Seoul Tower, there are several convenient transportation options available.

One of the easiest ways is to take a taxi. Taxis are readily available near N Seoul Tower, and the journey to the airport usually takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Be sure to inform the taxi driver that you want to go to Incheon Airport, as they may assume you want to go to Gimpo Airport.

Another option is to take the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) train. From N Seoul Tower, you can take a taxi or walk to Myeongdong Station, which is the closest station to the tower. From Myeongdong Station, take the AREX train to Incheon Airport. The journey takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Ensure you check the train schedule as the frequency may vary.

If you prefer to use public buses, there are also direct buses from Namsan Cable Car station to Incheon Airport. Take the cable car from N Seoul Tower to Namsan Cable Car station, and then you can board the bus. The journey takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.

Lastly, you can also arrange for a private car service or a shared airport shuttle service. This option provides convenience and eliminates the need to navigate public transportation. Many companies in Seoul offer airport transfer services, and you can easily book them online or through your hotel concierge. Regardless of the mode of transportation chosen, it is recommended to leave with ample time to account for any unexpected delays or long wait times at the airport.

From Seoul Train Station to N Seoul Tower: how to arrive there

To travel from Seoul Train Station to N Seoul Tower, visitors can choose from various transportation options available in the city. The iconic N Seoul Tower is located on Namsan Mountain, offering stunning panoramic views of Seoul.

One popular and convenient way to reach N Seoul Tower from Seoul Train Station is by taking the subway. Seoul has an extensive subway system, known for its convenience and efficiency. Visitors can take line 4 from Seoul Train Station to Myeongdong Station, which is the closest station to N Seoul Tower. From Myeongdong Station, there are signs directing visitors to the Namsan Cable Car, a short walk away. The cable car takes visitors up to the mountain where N Seoul Tower is located. Alternatively, visitors can choose to hike up to the tower using one of the beautiful trails on Namsan Mountain.

Another option is to take a taxi from Seoul Train Station directly to N Seoul Tower. Taxis are readily available throughout Seoul and are a convenient way to travel, especially for those carrying heavy luggage or with limited time. However, it is important to have the correct address or show the driver the name of the tower in Korean to ensure a smooth journey.

For travelers who enjoy cycling, Seoul offers a bike rental service called Ttareungyi. Visitors can rent bicycles from various locations around the city, including near Seoul Train Station, and cycle their way up to N Seoul Tower. This option allows for a unique and enjoyable experience, as visitors can explore the city and its surroundings at their own pace.

In conclusion, reaching N Seoul Tower from Seoul Train Station is easily achievable through various transportation options, including subway, taxi, or bike rental. Whatever method one chooses, the journey to N Seoul Tower promises breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.

Things to do at N Seoul Tower

These are some of the things you can do at N Seoul Tower:

  • Take in the dazzling views - If you are lucky to go to this splendid tower, get all the way to the top to take in the breathtaking views of the city from the observation decks. N Seoul Tower observatory tickets cost 16000 KRW for adults and 12000 KRW for children.

  • Capture some memorable photographs - In Seoul, Namsan Tower is the place you want to get your photographs taken, especially if you are visiting with your loved ones. Couples buy padlocks to attach to the “Locks of Love" fence and take photos in front of it to mark their affection and commitment to each other.

  • Enjoy a meal - Inside the N Seoul Tower, there are plenty of food options whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or just want to grab a cup of coffee. You can enjoy your favorite Korean meals with stunning views of Seoul City.

  • Buy a souvenir - Who doesn’t love a cute Korean souvenir? Inside the tower, you can find a variety of shops with all kinds of Korean handicrafts, art stuff, gifts, and K-pop accessories. Apart from that, there’s also a Teddy Bear Museum with a wide variety of teddy bears from Korean cultures.

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Cute Souvenirstore where you can leave your luggage. Thank you.
Very nice reception and service! 100 % recommendable. Gladly again !
Sehr netter Empfang und Service ! 100 % zu empfehen. Gerne wieder !
Easy to book and drop bags will use this again and recommend others to drop luggage off
Great price and for £3.50 your luggage is insured for £3000. Cheaper that its competitors. ????
Great service, kindness and great coffee.
Ótimo serviço, gentileza e um ótimo Café.
Very efficient and very handy for the bus station
It was smooth check in. From the place and where the bag were stored was a bit worring, bet everything went smoothly
In a very good location; fast and friendly service!
Hard to find the location as it isn't well sign posted but other than that great! Not having to pull luggage around London once checked out was amazing - and the price is so worth it!
They stored two large bags for a moderate fee & returned them safe & sound.
A little difficult to find because the name of the store is not displayed on site, but once you are there, very friendly and helpful contact and reasonable drink prices in the store. Unfortunately further away from Liverpool Street station than stated.
Zwar etwas schwer zu finden, weil der mitgeteilte Name des Geschäfts nicht vor Ort abzulesen ist, wenn man aber dort ist, sehr freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Kontakt und günstige Getränkepreise im Laden. Leider aber weiter weg vom Bahnhof Liverpool Street als angegeben.
Very reliable service. The location was convenient.
Very reliable service. The location was convenient. Highly recommended.
Lovely people, were so kind and even called a taxi for us!
Very convenient before heading to the airport. So easy to use and great price
Super easy. Great location near bus and train station with long hours. Friendly staff. Highly recommend.
The music store that took care of our luggage was very good, although we were confused in finding a place.
Very practical and conveniently located
Très pratique et très bien situé
Very welcoming and practical, I recommend
Très bon accueil et très pratique, je recommande
Short walk from Kings Cross, no waiting time
Kurzer Weg von Kings Cross , keine Wartezeit
Perfect. Very friendly welcome. Luggage in a secure area
Parfait. Accueil très aimable. Les bagages dans un lieu bien sécurisé
Thousands of travelers book our luggage storage every day
Thousands of travelers book our luggage storage every day
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3 Mln+ Suitcases carefully stored
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100% Secure
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8000+ Bag guardians worldwide
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24/7 Instant support
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24/7 instant support
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Frequently Asked Questions
The N Seoul Tower is located at 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea.
The distance between Myeongdong (Station) and N Seoul Tower is 1 km.
Go straight from Myungdong Station Exit 5 towards Hoehyeon Intersection and then turn left.
The N Seoul Tower opening hours are from 10 AM to 11 PM.
Built in 1969 at a cost of approximately US$2.5 million, Seoul Tower was completed on 3 December 1971,