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Area City Center

In the City Center
600 meters from Monterrey's palace

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Radical Storage | Salamanca

Radical Storage has designed an innovative way to solve the luggage dilemma! We have created a storage system that will revolutionize your travel experience. This system provides secure storage locations for all the people who want to explore Salamanca city hands-free. Our luggage storage service is available in over 350 major cities and is one of the most efficient ways to store your bags wherever you are.

Smooth luggage storage service

Radical Storage allows you to easily find a perfect storage point anywhere, anytime. You can book the storage through the app or website. The app/website provides a map of all current storage points so that you can simply find the one that suits you best. Once you reach the location, you can drop off your bags in about 5 min. Imagine how convenient it is to know that you don’t have to queue and can enjoy your time in Salamanca to the fullest.

Welcome to the charming Salamanca

Salamanca is located in northwestern Spain. With a history that dates back to Celtic times and its unique location Salamanca has maintained its traditions and is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. This city is renowned for its finely decorated sandstone buildings and the university, founded in the 15th and 16th centuries, which is one of the country's main cultural hubs. The university is still helping to keep the city lively and vibrant today, with students coming from all over the world.

Best attractions in Salamanca

From its history and university to its restaurants and music, Salamanca is a city that oozes culture and style. Its busy and diverse streets and markets, lined with beautiful sandstone buildings, bring a traditional feel to this modern city. The best thing to do is to spend hours walking through the meandering streets of the Old Town admiring the architecture and soaking up the atmosphere.