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Luggage Storage Porto Belo

Top Luggage Storage Location in Porto Belo

20 BRL
20 BRL
(Average rating)
Area Pier Porto Belo

In the Central Square
180 meters from Avenida Governador Celso Ramos Bus Stop

Fully booked
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Open 24/7

Fully booked
Open 24/7

Safe and guaranteed

All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform is covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

No other luggage storage spots available in this area

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A comfortable Radical luggage storage in Porto Belo

We can see you arriving in Porto Belo but what is that cumbersome suitcase by your side? What? You can’t carry it around this exciting city! Leave it now with Radical! We are spread all over Brazil and now even in Porto Belo! Our goal is to offer travelers a safe and welcoming space where they can experience the pleasure of leaving their suitcases!

Other companies can't compete with us!

We are proud of the impeccable service we provide and the attention to user needs. Each Radical Angel is carefully checked to guarantee a great travel experience! The price of the service is competitive! In Brazil, we set a fixed rate of only 20R$ per day!

Brazil is a dream!

Everyday life forces us to endure stressful situations. A holiday in Porto Belo could be an effective way to leave your stress behind! This warm area of Brazil is well-known for its golden beaches and the hot climate. Yes, of course, you have many beaches to choose from but the Porto Belo Beach is definitely one of the best choices!

Football and nature

There is much more to see and explore in this beautiful tropical city, like the Univali EcoMuseum which is dedicated to fossils and the environment. To have an exciting experience, you can reach the EcoCulture Center Adventure House and try many outdoor activities. However, the Museum of History of Football is the right place for sport's lovers!