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Luggage Storage Pompei

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Area Train Station

At Pompeii Train Station
350 meters from Bartolo Longo Square

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Fully booked
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How to maximize your time in Pompeii by storing your bags

When you have a few hours until your bus leaves and have yet to see the legendary Pompeii, your luggage shouldn't need to come along to see these treasures of Antique Wold. What if you arrive in Pompeii by train in the morning and you don't have any place to leave your luggage? Looking for luggage storage in Pompeii can be surprisingly easy and convenient with a little bit of planning. With Radical, booking a reservation for your suitcases is just a few clicks away.

What’s an Angel?

Radical calls its storage locations “Angels". A Radical Angel is a public company (such as a restaurant, a hotel, or a shop) that signed a partnership with us. Leave your bags with our Angels and enjoy everything that Pompeii has to offer.

The Roman Town

Pompeii is a frozen in time place that lets you understand how the Romans of the first century AD lived. You'll see there an entire town that was smothered under volcanic ash in 79 AD. It was added by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites and boasts almost 3,5 million visitors every year (this number is constantly growing).

Religion and music

Pompeii is not only famous for its archaeological site, but also from a religious and cultural point of view. In the city, you will find a wonderful cathedral dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary. The city has also hosted several musical events, including Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii in 1972.