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Maybe you already know the feeling of freedom provided by a stress-free day abroad or a lighthearted trip to an unknown destination. You can enter museums without hindrance, book outdoor activities without any problems, and also sit in a good restaurant without suitcases under the table. Radical Storage can help you reach this goal, providing you with a special luggage storage service in the heart of Leoben. We partner up with reliable companies (including hotels, cafes, and shops) to offer users comfortable locations for their bags.

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Reserving a safe place for your stuff is easy with us. Enter our website or download the app (available for both iOS and Android) and select the location that fits you best. Click on Book Now and get all the information to reach it in a breeze.

And the price? It's affordable! Only <b>€5 per day/bag</b> separate you from an amazing holiday! We don't apply weight or size limits and offer you a 24/7 customer service.

Leoben at a glance

Leoben is an Austrian town situated on the Mur River, northwest of Graz. It’s an ancient location with plenty of Medieval buildings, including Maria am Waasen Church, a masterpiece of Gothic. This church dates back to the 12th century and boast wonderful stained-glass windows and a cute bell tower, considered to be the symbol of the city.
Leoben is also famous for being home to the University of Mining and Metallurgy and other technical institutes.
Another symbol of the city is the delicious Goesser beer that belongs to the Heineken Company. You can learn the history of this drink at the Braumuseum, a place that provides you with an insight into the world of the beer brewing.

How to reach Leoben

Accessing the city is very easy. You can go there via Vienna International Airport (located 150 km from the city) or Graz International Airport (just 60 km away).
If you move by train, you can take an OeBB train from several Austrian cities. Alternatively, you can book a Flixbus ticket (this is the most affordable solution!).
If you are going to Bayern and want to visit Austria, the closest airport is Munich Airport.