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Luggage storage in Klosterneuburg

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All about Klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg is a town in Lower Austria near Vienna, the capital of Austria. It is situated on the left bank of the Danube. Klosterneuburg is a charming town boasting one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Europe. It’s a perfect day trip from Vienna and a lovely place to live.
Whether you like awesome food, awesome hikes, awesome people or awesome castles, this city has it all. 
The city is also well-known for its beer and winemaking. 

Things to do in Klosterneuburg

Once you have made up your mind to go to Klosterneuburg, the next step is planning what things you would like to do there before you leave. There are many places to see in this marvelous city.
The Klosterneuburg Monastery was founded in 1114 and built its central church in 1140. Today it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
This charming town is small but still retains that genuine Austrian flair; its rich history is also reflected in the medieval streets and houses as well as by the ruins of one of its most magnificent castles.