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Luggage Storage Bologna

Top Luggage Storage Location in Bologna

Area Bologna Centrale Railway Station

600 meters from Bologna Central Station
200 meters from the Montagnola Park

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Area Piazza Maggiore

150 meters from Piazza Maggiore
190 meters from the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pietro

Fully booked
Area Belvedere-Mercato delle erbe

300 meters from Medieval Museum
450 meters from Basilica of St Francis

Fully booked
Area Bologna University

290 meters from via Zamboni
350 meters from the National Art Gallery

Fully booked
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Area Rimesse

On Via Pizzardi
650 meters from Casa di Francesco Guccini

Fully booked
Area Two Towers

150 meters from Two Towers
400 meters from Piazza Maggiore

Fully booked
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Open 24/7

Safe and guaranteed

All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform is covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

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The perfect luggage storage option in Bologna

Your can drag your suitcase through the streets of Bologna or try a more practical and smart option, already chosen by thousands of travelers worldwide!
Radical is a luggage storage network with convenient and trustworthy locations throughout the city.
You can find us near Bologna Centrale Railway Station (Italo and Ferrovie Italiane), close to Piazza Maggiore in the city center or in close proximity to the University.

How does Radical Work?

Enter our website or open the app and turn on geolocation option. The system suggests the nearest luggage storage spots. They can be restaurants, hotels, hostels or bike rental that signed a partnership with us.
Don't be afraid to leave your baggage belongings with them. They are verified and supervised by our staff. Your bags will be safe!
Did you choose your Angel (that's what we call our partners)? Perfect! Now all you need to do is pay and reach it! Radical is inexpensive, it costs €5 per day, per bag!

Things to do in Bologna

Bologna is a young and vibrant city. Here you'll find a lot of good restaurants, boutiques, and street artists. In Bologna, then, you can also visit many popular attractions, such as the Main Square (Piazza Maggiore) or the Two Towers. If you are a shopaholic, please don't forget to take a walk along Via Indipendenza where you find plenty of shops and even a huge market if you go there on Saturday! And if you like museums, we suggest the wonderful Morandi Museum or even the Medieval Museum.

How to understand where to buy tortellini

Bologna is the home of tortellini, mortadella, and the Bolognese ragout. A food and wine trip to Bologna could be longer than expected given that in the city you will find a huge offer ranging from tortellini’s fast food (yes, there is one near the central station) to elegant restaurants. If you want to take home the famous tortellini, make sure to buy the handmade ones! Fresh tortellini have a different flavor from the ones you can buy at supermarkets. In Bologna, however, you can buy handmade tortellini in several shops. Be careful though! Being a fresh product, this stuffed pasta should be stored carefully and eaten within a few hours (one day at the most)! Anyway, the sellers can tell you how to store them during a travel.