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Luggage Storage Alicante

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Area Centre

In the city center
230 meters from Teatre Principal d'Alacant

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Fully booked
Open 24/7

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A comfortable luggage storage in Alicante

Welcome to Alicante, a beautiful city in Spain with sandy beaches, warm weather, and friendly people. You can't possibly enjoy yourself when you have a trolley with, but now Radical is there for you. We have luggage storage locations all across the globe inside reliable and professional local businesses! They can answer any questions you may have about the neighborhood and can offer you other services such as baths, accommodation and even bike rental.

High-quality services

We are not like the traditional left luggage office in which you will have to stand in line for endless minutes before leaving your suitcase! Our check-in is super fast and check-out is immediate. We don't have an hourly rate because quite inconvenient and expensive. Our price is €5 per bag. The price won't change even if your bags are a bit heavier and larger than usual!

The city of Sunshine

If you are looking for the perfect vacation, Alicante is the right destination! And if you go there during the Summer, you will surely fall in love with its crystal clear waters and the golden sand of the beaches. In addition, Alicante is full of bars where you can try a refreshing drink and eat some tasty snacks.
In the City Center, you will also find lots of shopping centers to spend a few hours shopping or to buy some souvenirs.

Alicante Wines

After exploring historic sites and natural areas, the next step is to take a gastronomic tour. Alicante has a close link with the sea, in fact, one of the typical dishes of the city is the seasoned salted fish. Moreover, the city is very famous for its wine cellars where you can try a "glass of paradise"! Even the nightlife is vibrant and young! You will find several clubs, ice cream parlors, and events!