Radical Storage Affiliate Programme

Radical Storage Affiliate Programme

Connect your business to the world’s luggage storage network.

Promote our product through your channels, earn commission, simplify the way people travel.

Whether you are a travel operator, a property manager, a travel blogger or just a small business, don’t let your customers carry bags back and forth, start offering hands-free travel experiences. You won’t regret it!

Let’s grow together
Unique opportunity
Unique opportunity Special offers for your customers and extra revenues for you. Hundreds of affiliates already benefit from working with us and see their revenue increase.
Easy to integrate
Easy to integrate Customisable integration options to blend our product with your brand and website seamlessly.
100% Transparent
100% Transparent No fixed or hidden costs. Our affiliate platform help you track bookings, view earnings and download marketing materials.

The Radical Storage Network

+80 Countries
+800 Our cities
Our cities
+7000 Angels
+4M Bag(s)