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Забронируй место в пункте хранения в городе Агридженто через radical storage, первую сеть хранения багажа

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Полный адрес и контакты будут показаны после бронирования. Онлайн-бронирование обязательно.
Район Центр Города

В центре города
400 метров от вокзала Агридженто Централе (Agrigento Centrale)

Полностью забронированы
Район Железнодорожный Вокзал Агридженто

350 метров от железнодорожного вокзала Агридженто

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Безопасно и гарантированно

Все места хранения безопасны и гарантированны, и весь багаж, оставляемый через платформу, покрыт гарантией Radical Storage

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Luggage storage in Agrigento, Italy

Radical is the new luggage storage network in Agrigento. Our deposits are available across the city, so you will be able to get rid of your suitcase and explore the city stress-free. You can easily find our Angels in the City Center, or close to the Train Station, or next to most-visited places and well-known landmarks. The choice is up to you, take your time and book online whenever you want. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is always there for you!

Affordable price for outstanding service!

At Radical, we are proud to deliver a high-quality left luggage service at a daily rate of 5€ per bag, without extra charges! You can book from your mobile device and receive all the information related to the deposit in a few seconds. The exact address of our partner does not appear immediately for security reasons. Still, after booking, you can reach our Angel in less than no time. We're sure you've never tried such an innovative and useful service before!

Agrigento - Sicily!

If you want to fall in love at first sight, you should definitely visit Agrigento, which is considered the most beautiful among the ancient towns. The City of Temples is the official UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than 20 years. Agrigento is a place where nature and culture team up and creates unique sights that are admired by visitors all around the world. Besides the ancient remains, there are also buildings from both the medieval and Baroque periods that deserve to be seen.

Agrigento: the Valley of the Temples

Just outside of the city, you will find the most significant historical attraction. The Valley of the Temples is an archeological park with a series of important Doric temples from the Hellenic period. It used to be the monumental core of the city of Akragas, one of the most powerful and most culturally-advanced Greek cities in the Mediterranean. The glorious past and its remains are enriched by amazing natural landscapes - Sicilian coastline and spectacular rocky cliff called Scala dei Turchi.