Buche jetzt online deine Gepäckaufbewahrung in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat auf Radical Storage, das erste Gepäckaufbewahrungs-Netzwerk.

€ 5 Tasche/Tag
€ 5 Tasche/Tag
Gepäckaufbewahrung Torrassa

Gepäckaufbewahrung Torrassa


Im Stadtzentrum
130 Meter vom Bahnhof Torrassa (direkte Verbindung zum Flughafen BCN)

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Radical greets you in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

You decided to go on holiday to forget the daily stress, but there is still something that worries you. We know what it is, it's that cumbersome you have by your side! From now on, you can leave it with a very serious and professional team: our Angel. What are Angels? They are our reliable partners, public companies such as restaurants, hotels, bars and even bike rental offices that can take care of all your luggage for a couple of hours or the whole day!

A smart and efficient system

Our service is not like that of traditional luggage storage. The Radical booking system is entirely online! You can choose your favorite Angel by clicking on our website or by downloading our app. Okay, we know what you're wondering now, how much will it cost? Well, you will be happy to know that we have a fixed rate that doesn't have any additional fees. Radical only costs €5 per day per piece of baggage.

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Hospitalet de Llobregat is located south-west of Barcelona and is the second densely populated city in Catalonia (it has more than 261,000 inhabitants!).
As you can imagine, this is very old land (the first settlements date back to the Palaeolithic and Neolithic) that today is known mainly for its proximity to Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona. Not all tourists, however, know that it is an autonomous municipality and not a neighborhood of Barcelona.

Not only football but also history!

As a place inhabited since prehistoric times, in Hospitalet you will find a lot from a historical and cultural point of view. This area of Catalonia has also been influenced by the Romans, and in fact, in the History Museum you will find many finds.
The reason why this city is very populous is that many Spaniards moved here in search of a better life in the years of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.